Live your best life 365 days a year.

In today’s world, it’s hard to create sustainable total wellness within ourselves. One way we can achieve this is to understand how every aspect of our lives is influenced by what we engage in every day.

These are known as Primary Foods.   


Primary Foods are the cornerstones in establishing and sustaining a healthy balanced life. Therefore, the focus is on the discovery of how our social, professional, and spiritual worlds, as well as our relationships, are connected to total wellness. Through the use of Integrative Health Coaching and Clinical Counseling techniques, I will be your partner and guide as you explore these Primary Foods. But first, 

You must want to change. 

You must want to put forth effort. 

You must be courageous!

If you're looking for a way to improve your health, your moods, address food cravings, develop coping strategies and emotional health then you've come to the right place! Coaching and counseling provides the venue for that change.

You will gain strength and celebrate a Good Life!

Health Coaching

Learn skills to help you achieve your health goals through individualized coaching, groups, or structured programs (like Beachbody).

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Empower yourself to accomplish mental and emotional health goals.

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Clinical Supervision

Providing supervision and guidance for Counselors working toward independent licensure within the state of Ohio. 

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Assessments & Training

Provider of clinical, case management, specialized training needs for agencies.

Certified to complete various assessment protocols for individual, court-ordered, or other needs. 

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