Forget the diet this holiday season!

Think I’m joking? I’m not, promise!

This is the time of year when all the food is deliciously laden with flavor, fat (butter) and festive calories, er, festive colors! If you are cautiously calculated about what you eat all year long, then it’s going to be fairly easy to stick to plan during the holiday season. But if you you’re like me who honestly finds all sorts of reasons to justify eating that tasty treat. SO here are some rules, or tips, to follow so you don’t blow it completely and still have fun!


    Each event you attend will be full of eye-catching new dishes and some old favorites. Don’t do a swan dive into the food table. Instead, grab a glass of sparkling water and peruse the selection. Listen to what others are saying about the dishes. Think about ones that you’d love to try. Then go sample those items only. And when I say sample, I mean sample! The serving utensil may be a full serving of the dish or maybe even more! Spoon out only a fraction of the normal size.


    The biggest bonus to being invited to holiday parties in my opinion is seeing athose I care about and being merry and bright with laughter! Second on the list of importance is those flavors that I’ve dreamt about since last year! Do you have a favorite dish that only gets made during the holidays? I certainly do. And when it comes to the table, I’m sure to partake. The key though is to savor the flavor, not make a full meal out of it. enjoy the food for what it is; a treat! And don’t forget to savor the company you are in!

  • SIP

    It’s important to stay hydrated. And although I truly wish I could tell you that those Christmas cocktails are keeping you hydrated, alas, they are not. So as you enjoy that occasional festive cocktail, be sure to add in the one-and-only original H2O! Add in some muddled frozen cranberries and fresh mint and it’ll look and taste just as festive! A good way to remember to drink water is to alternate it in between cocktails, or pile on a bunch of bangle bracelets, then as you drink a cocktail, move the bangle from one wrist to the other. Once they’re all on the other wrist, it’s time for water!

So deck those halls, hang the mistletoe, don the merriest of garments and enjoy the celebrations!