Wellness 365 Program


We've all been told before or read about what to change in our diet and exercise habits, but it's never been enough. What makes the Wellness 365 Program different is that I am here to help you determine how; how to implement all those changes and how maintain them. It is my belief that each individual heals themselves. My role is simply to walk beside you along the way.

By signing up for the Wellness 365 Program you'll receive these benefits, plus more: 

  • A Health History assessment.  
  • Support and accountability. 
  • Newsletters and freebies. 
  • Individualization with one-to-one sessions. 
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In this program you will:

  • Become aware of your Primary Foods.
  • Establish new habits that align with your goals. 
  • Understand your own bio-individuality and how that plays a role in your health. 
  • Identify what patterns slow down with your success. 
  • Learn about food substitutions and strategies to address cravings.
  • Have access to a FREE Facebook support group with daily interaction, tips and news. 


  •  Address emotional and/or mental health issues through clinical counseling techniques as needed. 
  • Optional add-on services including:
    • Pantry make-overs
    • Grocery store tour
    • Healthy cooking lessons 
  • Early notice to upcoming workshops

Program Details

The Wellness 365 Program is designed to be a 6-month program wherein you will receive individual support and accountability as we partner for your success. Your commitment to this program is an indication of your commitment to your long term health. 

  • 6-months in duration, with options to extend as needed. 
  • Sessions are held twice a month, lasting 50 minutes each
  • Held via webinar, by telephone or in person at your home


Get all the aforementioned benefits with these payment options

  • $95 per month in 2 installments of $285 each  ($570 total)

Or get a discounted rate

  • $500 for all 6 months by paying in full today!