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Assessments & Training

I am certified to facilitate multiple assessments needed by individuals or agencies. Individuals may have a court-order or a need to identify specific needs areas for targeted treatment areas. Agencies may require some speciality assessment for clients, but don't have a need for a full time staff member. Pricing varies based upon the type of assessment as well as the duration of the contract. Assessments are available in the following areas: 

  • Mental Health

  • Substance Abuse

  • Criminal Risk

  • Sex Offender Risk

  • Suicide/Lethality

Additionally, many agencies or companies have requirements to conduct staff continuing education or training. I am a certified to train topics such as: case management, crisis deescalation, cognitive behavior interventions, documentation, interpersonal communication, cognitive restructuring, and many more.  


How long do assessments usually take to complete?

The length of time to complete an assessment depends on what assessment is being conducted and the participation, but usually around 2 hours. 

What should I expect during an assessment?

Expect to have the process explained to you in detail, and the purpose of the assessment. You will be asked a lot of questions so the assessor can thoroughly complete the assessment. You have the right to take a break or discontinue the assessment. 

If my agency wants to hire you to conduct trainings, can the participants get Continuing Education Credits from the licensing Board?

Currently none of my trainings are approved for Continuing Education Units (CEU's) by the CSWMFT Board. I am currently working on approval.